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“I have never seen such a clean beach like in Ireland. Nearly nobody was there!”

“The Irish dance class was a lot of fun. It was another great experience that I will never forget.”

“My favorite thing was the trip to Northern Ireland. It was just amazing! I could have sat there, watched the nature and listened to the waves of the sea all day long. Also, the trip to Howth was unbelievable.”

“What’s the craic?”

“Wrong chat. This message has been deleted.”

 “We’re already home. – 08:59”

 “A great week with new experiences and nice people!”

“Great nature, amazing views, bad weather, friendly people, slow trains. All in all, very nice experience, and I would visit Ireland again.”

“In Dublin you can feel the history ‘cause of the old buildings.”

“In Northern Ireland you can visit the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.”

“I enjoyed the Korean noodles and onion rings, the Malaysian melon pudding and the Chinese and Taiwanese drinks.”

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